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Smile Car Rental is fouded in 2003 in Car rental industry; In 2013, it started to serve its domestic and foreign customers by forming its fleet. While all of the vehicles in the Smile Car Rental fleet are equipped with various brand vehicles, customers are offered the possibility of renting petrol or diesel vehicles to suit the fuel type.
Since the day it was founded, Smile Car Rental has adopted customer satisfaction as a basic principle and has adopted a suitable car rental approach by offering special campaigns to each customer. By continuously following the innovations in the sector, it has continuously increased its service quality for its customers. Smile Car Rental has always kept the safety first during these services. For this reason, periodic maintenance of all vehicles in the fleet is carried out with great care.
Smile Car Rental, serving its customers with its 15 years of experience and reliable working team since 2003, has succeeded to be among the robust and reliable car rental companies of Dalaman with its quality-oriented working principles.

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