You can find the answers to the questions of our customers who ask us to rent a car from our company.

Dalaman car rental Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is there an age restriction to rent a car?

Yes, our customers have an age limit to rent a car. We do not offer car rental services to people under the age of 23 years.

Is it possible to go abroad with rented cars?

Unfortunately, we cannot track vehicles abroad. In order to protect the rights of the company, it is strictly forbidden drive abroad with Smile Rent a Car rentals. Legal follow-up will be initiated for malicious customers.

What happens in case of accident?

In order to make the maintenance of the damage of the vehicle from the insurance, the accident report must be kept without leaving the vehicle. Our customers who complete the required procedures should inform us immediately at the time of the accident. With the accident report, after the delivery of the vehicle, if alcohol and drugs are not used, Smile Rent a Car insurance covers the damage.

What should I do if the car has failed?

Our company has been providing car rental service for many years in Dalaman. Customer satisfaction is at the highest level. If the customer who is experiencing a malfunction is calling us, the defective vehicle shall be received as soon as possible and replaced with a new vehicle.

Do we have a km limit in the car we rented?

The vehicles rented from our company have a daily mileage limit. The following figure sets limits for our customers who rent a car on a daily and monthly basis. In the case of the specified Mileage overage, KM / 45kurush overdue mileage is charged.

Daily: 150km

Monthly: 3500km

Who owns Car maintenance?

Monthly and periodical maintenance of the vehicles rented from our company is done regularly. However, due to possible malfunctions; "Except user errors", All vehicle maintenance and malfunctions belong to our company. Smile rent a car vehicles are protected by rent a car insurance.

Which type of vehicles are you renting?

Economic and luxury car group. New vehicles are provided according to the long term requests of the customers.

Does the vehicle include fuel?

Smile rent a car rented vehicles fuel expenses belong to customers. Our customers take their vehicle's fuel situation has to be delivered in the same way to them how it rented. Sample; Quarter fulled fuel delivered vehicle should be delivered in the same way as quarter fulled fuel.

Who will pay the traffic fines?

Each customer is responsible for the traffic penalty that he has received. In case of traffic penalty, customers are obliged to meet the penalties. Standard taxes, such as motor vehicles tax, belong to our company.

Do I have to give credit card information as collateral?

Smile Rent a Car Dalaman has been operating since 2003 in the airport and the region. It serves under the laws. Due to the profitability and follow-up policies of our company, car rental service is not provided without credit card purchase. Our company systems are protected by 128 Bit and SSL Certificate. It works with a completely secure system. We guarantee a safe rental to our customers.

What is the delivery time of the vehicle?

The vehicle is returned 24 hours after delivery. Customers whose delivery time exceeds 2 hours must give a 1 day car rental fee.

What if the desired vehicle cannot be found in the reservation?

In a very rare way, we may not be able to give the cars we have promised due to the time extension of our customers, but in this case, we give our customers a vehicle with an upper segment of the vehicle we are talking about without any delay or loss. For example, if the customer who wants to rent a Clio symbol vehicle does not arrive, the VW Group vehicles are given as an upper segment.

What happens if the reservation is canceled?

If the customer does not specify that he / she will not rent a car for 24 hours, 20% is charged to the customer.

What is the status of rented vehicles?

In general, economic and luxury vehicles are preferred. Diesel and gasoline options are available.

Is it possible to color preference in cars?

There is no color preference in vehicles, the next available vehicle is given. Usually white colored car is found.

How and when do I pay?

During car delivery, payment is made by bank transfer and credit card according to customer preference. There is no cash purchase. This is a legal obligation. We pay all the costs of the tax you pay on your rented vehicle from our company. We are working fully legal. We provide invoices even if our customers do not want.

Who pays the toll highway and the bridge expenses?

For cars rented by Smile Rent a Car, bridge, parking and toll road expenses belong to the customer.

For more information, you can send an e-mail from the contact area or call 0505 994 23 48.

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